Hadis on Olive Oil

Allah's Messenger said, "Eat olive oil and anoint yourselves with it, for it comes from a blessed tree.

Abu Hurayra narrates that Rasulullah (saaws) stated, "Eat the olive oil and apply it (locally), since there is cure for seventy diseases in it, one of them is Leprosy." (Abu Naim) 
Narrated by Abu Usayd al-Ansari, transmitted by Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, and Daarimi

According to Ibn Al-Juzi, Zanbi, Alqama Ibn Amir narrated that the Prophet (pbuh) said, “There is olive oil for you; eat it, massage it over your body, since it is effective for hemorrhoids.”

Basoor reported that Aqba Ibn Amir narrated that the Prophet (pbuh) stated, “You have the olive oil from this Holy (mubarak) tree; treat yourself with this, since it cures the anal fissure.”

The Prophet also advised us to, “Use olive (khonan) oil as a food and ointment for it comes from a blessed tree” (Tirmidzi).


In Crete, a recent study showed that even though 90% of Cretans consume an average of 60-70 pounds of oil a year per person, the incidence of coronary disease is very low compared to other countries. Everyone knows that animal fats contain saturated fatty acids that vertically increase blood cholesterol levels. But mono-unsaturated fatty acids, in the olive oil, control LDL levels while raising HDL levels.

In fact, no other naturally produced oil has as large an amount of monounsaturated fatty acids (mainly oleic acid) as olive oil.

Olive oil also contains vitamins E and K, and polyphenols, which provide a defense mechanism that delays aging and prevents carcinogenesis, atherosclerosis, liver disorders, and inflammations.

Oleates in the olive oil also promote bone formation in children and protect the bones of the elderly.

Even The Journal of the National Cancer Institute reported that olive oil offers strong protection in the fight against breast cancer.